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Ranch Home for sale
with 360 views of mountains.  
Great sunrises & sunsets.  
During the rainy season you can see
the bands of rain from a distance and
exquisite rainbows.   There is huge
population of migrating birds.

It is a horse property - with 3 stall
open face barn & tack room.  
The property is on 5 acres
next to state lands.
It is down a bumpy dirt road.  
House is a site built with a private well.  
Two living rooms.  Fireplace.
Lots of mature mesquite trees.  
The 2nd living room has 2 almost floor
to ceiling windows that are 5 & 6 feet
wide.  There are a couple other
windows in there as well.  

You sort of feel like you are outside
when you are in that room.  
(it's a 15 x 30 room with 3 generous
closets for tucking things away)  

The master has 12x12 walk in closet &
a sitting or exercise room with a sliding
glass door.  Their are french doors
that open up to the master suite.  Has
2 other smaller bedrooms, mexican tile
in kitchen and bordering the fireplace
and double glass doors out back.  

House comes with an antique Baby
Grand Piano and antique China
Cabinet with the old wavy glass.  
They were too difficult to move so they
are part of the sale if you want them.

Lots of peace and quiet.  Also has a
place for an RV with separate water,
220 electric outlet and septic out.  

Land prices should continue to grow
more valuable as region grows.  There
is a limited area of growth due to the
surrounding State lands and Fort
Huachuca which box it in.  Here are
some more pictures.  Slip us an email
at if
you are interested in making an offer
or want to go see it.   

We haven't kept up on the area prices
too well, but the $250k range would
catch our interest and would be a nice
price for the buyer/investor as well.   

Little more info:  There is a Birders
B&B about 1/2 mile down the road.  
Property is situated about 5 miles out
of Ramsey Canyon.  Once you go out
on the main road cross 92 and head
straight up in to the mountains and you
will arrive right at the Nature
Conservancy.  Its about a 10 minute
trip from the time you get in and out of
your car.  You will pass the Arizona
Folklore Preserve along the way.

Personal service from a family owned local company.

Visit our showroom to help refine your ideas.

Find the latest and greatest on smart products.

Get the most for your money.

Make the most of your space.
Phone: 520-803-1631

King's Fine Cabinetry
3444 Canyon de Flores
Sierra Vista, AZ 85650
phone: 520-378-6285

Since we design and manufacture all our cabinets
and counter tops we can fabricate any cabinet given
to us in a wide array of woods, if the wood species is
available we’ll try our best to find it.
That is why if you’re looking for a special cabinet
and can’t find it, let us fabricate it for you
and ship it directly to your home.
Miller Canyon
Outstanding walking trails for the all levels.  Birds, birds, birds.  Every kind of hummingbird
you can imagine.  There is also a waterfall if you make it that far.  
Hand gliders love it.

Arizona Folklore Preserve
Cowboy Stories, balladeers perform here ... shows are in a beautiful mountain setting.

Montezumas Pass
You can see deep in to Mexico from this vantage point.  
This is a site you will remember forever.

Cochise Stronghold
Once you get there you will see how Chief Cochise was able to hide for so many years.  
There is
no place like this in the world.  Wear good walking shoes and bring water!

Kartchner Caverns

This was so much better than we expected.  Their visitors center alone is worth the trip.  
They also have nature related activities for the kiddos on most Saturday mornings.   
The walking paths are also truly lovely.

As you can see you will not be bored visiting this area!  
There are also hot air balloon events, festivals and the
Sierra Vista Arts Council is
working on a City wide mural project which should be beautiful.   
The one on the side of Bobke's Bread Basket (German pastries to die for) is really nice.
    Cochise County Arizona:  An Enjoyable Desert Destination ~ The eMagazine For Women
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are always greatly
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This is also wine
It's a nice day trip to
head towards
Sonoita and
Click the guy with
the grapes for more
winery info.
Winter in the desert is a wonderful experience.   
Cochise County Arizona is one of our favorites.   
This little slice of paradise lies along the US/Mexico border.
It's definitely worth the trip.  
If you go here are some of the sites we suggest:
This is a good book
and the author lives
in Bisbee.  There
are many working
artists in this county.
Captian William
Shatner Kirk filmed
one of his indy
movies in Bisbee a
coupe years ago.
Family owned,
personalized service.
Invests in the
Prices are extremely
Usually even better
than what you would
be charged at the
big box stores.  

LG (Life's Good)

Sinks & Faucets
And more

The Perfect Bath


Hand made beautiful
and useful products
for homes &
businesses with
strict attention to
quality in materials
and design.
The Perfect Bath

For the last 24 years
we have
cabinets for
thousands of homes
in the Sierra Vista
and Tucson area
and now we wish to
expand our services
to other parts of the

King's Fine Cabinetry

3444 Canyon de
Sierra Vista, AZ
fax: 520-378-4935
It is a blast!   Some people find it corny, but it is one of those things you should go
experience at least once in your life.  It is like descending back in time.  
Many of the locals wear the old time clothing all of the time.  Don't be surprised to
find yourself seated next to an authentic looking cowboy if you hit the saloons.  
A few words of advice:
Plan on spending at least one full day.
Bring an umbrella, big floppy hats & sunglasses to deal with the bright sun.
Helldorado is the gunfight worth seeing.  Very funny & put on by Hollywood stunt
The Museum if great for kids. Don't forget your camera!  There are lots of fun
props around for good pictures.   The Birdcage admission is worth it!
It's like the land of the 60's.  Oh yes you will see hippies.  You will also see lots of art.  
After the mine closed down homes there were dirt cheap and artists of all kinds
settled in because of the affordable housing.  There are tons of art galleries for you
to enjoy.
Verano Gallery is the best.  They have a wide range of art: watercolor, pastel, oil,
acrylic as well as exceptionally unique jewelry, pottery and glass.
Wear comfortable shoes as the village is built  in to canyon walls in the Mule
Mountains.  Many of the homes or only accessible by stairs.  By that we mean lots of
Furniture or remodeling materials has to be carried up close to 100 stairs or lowered
down if there is a road available higher up in the canyon.  
Every October they have a Stair Climb where people walk or run up and down the
maze of staircases that connect the houses along the canyon wall.  The entry fees
help raise money to keep the stairs repaired.
Our Lady Of The Sierras -
This is one of those places you really have to check out.  
This was built by the guy who invented bar codes and his wife.  
They are devout catholics and she kept having a recurring
dream that Mary wanted them to build a chapel.  She always
saw the same hillside in the dream so they traveled all over the
world looking for the spot.  When they came to Hereford they
recognized it instantly.   Some miracles are attributed to this
location.  Some photos have been taken that have apparitions
of Mary in the sky.  
The chapel is beautiful and offers breathtaking views of the valley.   
Wear comfy shoes and be prepared to walk.  The air is thinner there so you may find
yourself a bit out of breath.  The path from the parking lot leads you through the
stations of the cross.  There are resting benches along the way.  The Huge Mary,
Cross & Grotto are exceptional.  If you choose to walk a little further there is another
shrine higher on the mountain.   An interesting note:  Last time we visited was just
after a huge wildfire on the mountain.  Scorched acres as far as you could see yet
somehow, miraculously, the burn stopped just short of the pathway.  
Coronado Memorial
Great For Hiking picnics and being humbled by a view.  
Everywhere down there is excellent for birding.  The visitors center is top notch.  
There is also a cave to explore but be careful!
Ramsey Canyon
Ramsey Canyon is a narrow green gorge on the eastern slopes of the Huachuca
Mountain near Sierra Vista, Arizona. It is just a stone's throw from Mexico.

It is known as "The
Hummingbird Capital of the United States" because it has more
varieties of hummingbirds than any other spot in the country.   People from all over
the world visit Ramsey Canyon to experience its unique and abundant wildlife.  
Black bear, javalina, coati mundi, mountain lion, ring-tailed cat, fox, raccoon, deer,
wild turkey, elegant trogon  and many other species of wildlife have been sighted
on the Arizona Folklore Preserve property.    The Nature Conservancy's
Canyon Preserve is located just up the road.   Beautiful hiking trails.  There is also
a type of frog that exists no where else in the world up there.   Occasionally bears
are seen.